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Passwords Max 5.93

Passwords Max is a password manager for home and office personal use
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Sometimes it gets really difficult to remember each password of every e-mail account, website or document. If you are one of those who always forgets their passwords or have trouble remembering them, then you can use this application to save all passwords and see them whenever you want. With a key password, you can get access to all your passwords. If nobody knows the main password, then all of them are safe.

Passwords Max enables users to store information that can be sent automatically whenever you ask it to be. The program comes with a wizard mode that will show you how to store all your passwords step by step. You can copy your passwords to the clipboard and then paste them wherever you want. Passwords Max is extremely easy to use. This application also allows you to generate complex passwords to secure your private data. Any of your passwords stored on this application can be automatically transferred to other programs. This is also a good program to store sensitive information such as credit card numbers and PINs.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It is a useful program to store sensitive information
  • It has a friendly interface


  • The price might be too high compared with similar applications
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